It may be only September, and maybe we began to receive pumpkin beers back in June, but as the saying goes, "It's autumn somewhere!" This particular somewhere is of course Germany, where Oktoberfest has officially begun. That's's time to dust off the accordion, squeeze into Onkel Ludwig's old lederhosen ("I swear they fit last year!"), and tote that empty stein down to your nearest Rathskeller.

In case your local city hall doesn't in fact have an olde-time German saloon in the basement, stop by I. M. Gan Discount Liquor & Tobacco Boutique. Now is the very thick of beer's biggest season, and in addition to our full supply of summer beer (ON SALE!), we have enough choices here to sink another Bismarck! But, our enormous collection of Fest/autumn/pumpkin options is not limited to just beer. Check out our harvest-time ciders and liquors, most notably Sons of Liberty's Pumpkin Spice - winner of "Best Flavoured Whisky" at 2014's World Whiskies Awards.

Don't forget to have a stroll through our continually-evolving cooler! We added more shelves this summer and will be adding more thanks to their success so far. Our selection of microbrew six-packs and bottles has nearly doubled and it couldn't be easier to navigate, as each wall of our lengthy craft tunnel is in alphabetical order. So easy a caveman could find something!

Finally, this last week of summer leaves us with one more reason to stay in the craft beer section. As of September 18th, after 170 years of American brewing and over a decade of being Kid Rock's belt buckle, Pabst Blue Ribbon will be under new ownership. Russian-based brewing giant Oasis Beverages acquired the entire Pabst Brewing Company - including Colt 45, Schlitz, Old Milwaukee and others - for an estimated $700-$750 million.
Meanwhile craft beers continue to slowly expand into the national beer market, wresting every available tenth of percentage from dominant macrobrews, as American drinkers finally begin to take their taste buds seriously. In response, the big look to get bigger the easy way - mergers! SABMiller, the second-largest beer group in the world, recently attempted to buy Heineken but they refused, for now. Not to be outdone, Anheuser-Busch InBev, the largest, now has its sights on SABMiller - because 21% of the global beer market isn't quite enough. And here I was thinking they were all the same anyway.