It is finally Spring! April's showers have come early to help wash away February's record snowfall..what's that? Grass? Temperatures in the 40s-50s?! Fetch my lawn chair and tanning oil! And what better to accompany an afternoon of watching  the grass grow than a tall glass of:

Foolproof - 95.5 WBRU's Craft Brew of the Month is Pawtucket's very own Foolproof Brewing! Stop in for a can or six of their refreshing Barstool Golden Ale or vibrant Backyahd IPA, or perhaps a Raincloud Porter for one of April's showers.. Or collect 'em all in the new Travel (12)Pack. Don't stop there though! The bold King of the Yahd Double IPA beckons from its tall, hoppy throne; and Men's Journal just named La Ferme Urbaine Farmhouse Ale one of the Top 101 beers in the country - so hurry in and get some before all the True Manly Men Who Consider Themselves Men buy it all!

Founders KBS - It's (also) that time of year again! For 11 or so long months since last year's release we have waited, ghosts of its exquisite barrel-aged chocolate and coffee flavors still haunting our taste buds. Come March 30th (or the 16th for lucky Michigan residents), the wait is over! We are expecting a speical delivery that day..and expecting that delivery to be gone by Tuesday...

Redd's Green Apple Ale - After nothing but success with their Apple and Strawberry Ales, Redd's has (finally) released a Green Apple variety. Logically, it's a bit more tart than the original Apple (but tastes nothing like the Strawberry). Also if you happen to see a surviving Winter "Pick Different Pack" at the store (we have a couple), grab it! The limited-release Redd's Cranberry is (was) not to be missed!

Palm Breeze Spritzes - Canada's spritzer sensation is heading south for the Summer! They're starting with two flavors: Ruby Red Citrus and Pineapple Mandarin Orange. While not entirely gluten-free, the can says Palm Breeze is made with a method that is designed to remove gluten from the drink. So if nothing else it's healthier, but anyone very sensitive to gluten probably shouldn't risk it. I tried both - delicious! Their lighter alcohol content (4.5%) and smaller gluten content enable you to feel guilt-free while hoisting 12-15 while gardening one humid afternoon.. Just kidding, stay hydrated!