Entitled India Pale Ale 12 oz  6-pack
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Country: United States
Region: Massachusetts
Type: Domestic IPA Beer
Style: American India Pale Ale
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Appearance: Burnt orange with a light khaki, fluffyhead. Aroma: A burst of tropical hop notes; Apricot, Mango & Papaya. Taste: A pop of tropical hop flavors up front and carrying throughout the palate with tangerine, apricot and stone fruit notes. A pleasant malt backbone is present. The malts are not prominent, just enough to counter the alcohol and bitterness of the hops in the mid-palate. This IPA finishes with a long lingering, but crisp and clean bitterness with a touch of citrus. Palate: Full-bodied but dry, with a warming alcohol fullness, followed with a light coating and finishes with a pleasant bitterness on the tail. Overall: This hoppy American East Coast IPA is a full bodied beer brewed with American 2 Row and Honey Malt and Valley Wheat Flakes, and heavily hopped with Cascade, Columbus and Centennial. At 7.2 ABV and 70 IBUs this well-balanced, well hopped IPA…is a perfect match for every IPA drinker!

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Technical notes
7.2% ABV, 70 IBUs Malts: 2 Row American, Wheat Malt, Honey Malt Hops Bill: Cascade, Columbus, Centennial

In 2010 our founding partner, Jim Hodgdon, began a little home brew operation. His home brewing hobby began out of his love of beer, so his main goal was to create a beer he would enjoy drinking himself. That was such a huge success that his wife told him he better get some guys involved in the drinking aspect of the operation. So he invited his friend, fellow beer aficionado and hop head, Brian Barry, over to his basement ‘tasting room’. Together they drank and developed a beer that they felt was just as good, if not better than anything on the microbrew market. And Entitled IPA was born. In 2012 they had the opportunity to brew a pilot batch of their IPA through a local brewery. They were then able to test this new product on the customers of three well established restaurants, one of which is known for its vast and eclectic beer selection. The beer drinking customers fell hard for their new beer (and not just because of the 7.2 % ABV). Pretty soon people were asking where else they could find Entitled and when it would be in bottles and in liquor stores. And time and again they would hear customers comment, “Wow. This is a great beer.” With this public show of support, Jim and Brian had the confidence to build a company around their beer. With the support of their business partners, Entitled Brewing Company began. Today Entitled IPA is brewed commercially in Ipswich, MA, in a brewery specializing in Microbrews. It is being enjoyed throughout Massachusetts in many restaurants and bars. And if you happen to be sitting next to someone drinking Entitled IPA you just may over hear them saying the same thing over heard in those first restaurants, “This is a great beer.” And isn’t everyone entitled to a great beer? Aren’t you? How we came up with the name Entitled? When Jim and Brian were in Jim’s basement drinking a homebrew one night, Brian sitting on a milk crate and Jim on a brew bucket, Brian said “I wonder what the Entitled people are doing? Jim said, “Probably drinking beer!” A light went off in Brian’s head, ENTITLED! That is the name of Company! Everyone should be Entitled to a great beer.